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secrets of popular photographers

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What are the secrets of the popularity of photographers? I will be grateful for your activity?

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Secret photography refers to the use of an image or video recording device to photograph or film a person who is unaware that they are being intentionally photographed or filmed. It is sometimes called covert photography.

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The seven principles of art and design in photography; balance, rhythm, pattern, emphasis, contrast, unity and movement, form the foundation of visual arts. Using the seven principles allows you to take greater control of your photographic practice. This will lead to better photos and more photographic opportunities.

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in my opinion every popular photographer has its own secrets. I think it's not just talent. To become an internationally popular photographer, you need to have the skills of professional photo processing, have a good camera and understand how to work with color correction. I am inspired by the works of Alexander Vershinin. this person creates masterpieces and makes great efforts for this

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