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Talking Remote Control & Other Concepts

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(Posted on behalf of Tom Lloyd, Quixote collaborator)

Aims of the Talking Remote Control project are to:
Provide up to the minute EPG listings in an accessible format
Provide an accessible and portable personal DVR solution
Be simple to use and understand
Not be reliant on any other hardware/software (Stand Alone)
Not be reliant on other infrastructure (Internet, Mobile Phone, Data Services)
Built in Text to Speech
Date (fixed)

The talking remote will consist of two parts:

1. Docking Station
The docking station will have a USB Digital TV receiver unit and power supply connection with a plug.
The docking station will have a moulded slot that the remote will easily slide into.
The dock will power and charge the remote control
The dock will have an antenna socket for connection to the TV Ariel
The dock will have a mini USB connection for a 5v power supply
The dock will have a 3.5mm audio jack for connection to speakers/headphones
/the dock should be wide enough to support the remote when standing Remote Control

2. Remote Control
The remote control will have a battery
The remote control will have Infra Red connectivity to control TV units
The remote control will have a rechargeable battery / charging unit
The remote control will be include a Raspberry PI model A
The remote control will have connections to HDMI
The remote control will have a 3.5mm audio socket
The remote control will fit ergonomically in the hand
The remote control will not be too heavy
The remote control must have a simple to use interface
The remote will have SD internal storage
The remote will be easy to use and understand
The remote control will run a flavour of Linux
The remote control will use one of the free PVR software package

:: Other ideas:

1. CCTV/OCR/Scanner based on the Raspberry PI
Open source software (Linux)
Number of visual adjustments using compiz
CEC functionality to make the unit control normal TV's
Lots of options and accessories. Can be used with a variety of Linux supported HD Cameras
Text to speech
Supported by online services, Googles OCR etc etc.

2. USB Braille keyboard (Micro-controller based)

3. Android + Raspberry PI based media player
Running Android (Not sure which version)
Running Rockbox open source accessible firmware
DAISY book playback
Text, Doc, PDF, HTML, etc playback

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