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WWE NXT Reveals Near Complete Women's War Games Team

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The episode of NXT that aired tonight finished with a full-fledged battle involving some of the biggest names in the NXT Women's Division, and by the conclusion of it, we had practically all of the stars that will compete in the Women's War Games event next month. It all started with a bout between Raquel Gonzalez and Dakota Kai, as the two former friends tried to put their grudge to rest. Unfortunately, Toxic Attraction made their way to the ring to assault Gonzalez, so it didn't turn out that way. Mandy Rose, Gig Dolin, and Jacy Jayne all got their kicks in, as did Kai, but Gonzalez was quickly bolstered.

Cora Jade made her way to the ring to assist Gonzalez, and she was able to take out most of Toxic Attraction with her skateboard before being overrun. Zoey Stark returned to NXT at that time.

She wasn't racing towards the ring, unfortunately. Stark had knee surgery recently and was walking with crutches and a knee brace. Toxic Attraction began to laugh, but then Stark held up one of her crutches, which IO Games seized as she dashed toward the ring.

She then cleared Toxic Attraction before joining forces with Jade to inflict even more torture. Meanwhile, Kai was choking Gonzalez as she clung to her back, but Shirai and Jade ultimately got her down. Then Jade got to work, slamming her skateboard into pretty much all four opponents, and by the end of the segment, Toxic Attraction and Kai were standing outside the ring, while Gonzalez, Shirai, and Jade were inside. Shirai then took up a microphone and roared "Warrrgggaam”.


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