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Read today's story in The Times with interest. Over 55 years ago I met my wife Sandra on a charity committee working for one of the blind societies and many years later she worked there for eight years, producing a weekly talking newspaper and a regular magazine, and organising the library of talking and braille books. I'm a technical journalist nowadays (88-year-old Consultant Editor of Metal Powder Report among other things) and frequently write about additive manufacturing (3D Printing). I also used to be Licensing Manager for a big international company. I want to make sure you're aware of the possibilities of using 3D printing for your project. In principle the entire device, including all the 1000 cogs, pinions and connectors, could be produced in a single operation, fully connected and ready to go, with just the application of power. If you weren't, delete this email immediately from your server, then rush out and lodge an applicational patent before some other person (probably in America) does so. You'd then have to buy back the technology in order to make the devices for £50, perhaps, instead of your £400. This sort of possibility would have been almost unthinkable when you started your research, but not so now. Likely material strong plastic. Ken Brookes - 020-83684997.

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