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Introducing Midas; turning any flat surface into a Braille display

Ed Rogers

As of this month we have an entirely new project & team working within Bristol Braille: Midas.

The Midas Project is a new product from Bristol Braille Technology currently in it's development stages.


* It turns any flat surface into a Braille display of unlimited size.

* It will allow people who struggle to develop the sensitivity to feel conventional Braille (or have lost the necessary sensitivity through age) to read Braille. Hopefully this will bring Braille within reach of the majority of blind people for the 1st time and sustain Braille reading throughout a person?s lifetime.

* It will separate out learning to read Braille patterns from developing sensitivity, making it a valuable tool for learning Braille even for the young. The plan is release a number of digital learning materials specifically for the Midas platform.

* It will cost less than $100 to produce.

We currently have a working prototype of the user interface approved by Scott Wood, our tester at Action For Blind People Bristol. Our team is currently researching potential applications while opening up the platform for as many users as possible.

--- Sam Betts (Project Director)

The ground work was laid by experiments performed by myself, Russell & Scott late last year. As the experiments were a success the baton has been passed to Sam as Project Director, & BBT's newest member.

Midas continues, & perhaps completes, Bristol Braille's move away from being my own personal project to being a multi-project workshop of inventions for blind people.

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