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What is the best way to start planting a vegetable balcony garden?

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What is the best way to start planting a vegetable balcony garden?

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I suggest determining all the relavent safety issues are addressed. Soil is heavy, don't break something by accident.

Then, plan your setup. How will your beds be arranged, how will they stack, which things will you plant in front or back so they all get sun? What plants will grow in the sunlight conditions available on the balcony?

Start small, and test new types of plants before investing in a whole crop If you are planting anything costly. Most seeds are cheap though so plant away.

Have you planned what types of beds to use? I'm a big fan of pallet gardens. Pinterest or similar can give you lots of idea on setting up the palettes, but basically they act like natural rows and raised beds in one.

From there, get the plants in the ground and watch them. Try not to mess with them... over tending is the death of more hobby gardens. But water as directed by the plants and your local weather.

Fertilize with your home compost and coffee grounds.

Wait some more...

Enjoy your homegrown tomatoes and whatnot. :-)

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