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I'm Chris, an undergraduate computer engineering student from Alabama, USA.

For a design class I'm taking this year, my team is interested in investigating low cost AT to help persons living with disabilities interface with computers. We've previously discussed among ourselves the design of a refreshable braille display based on geared sliders, and our subsequent searching lead us to Bristol Braille's website.

I'm enthralled with the Quixote and Canute systems; the mechanical design is mentioned under Hardware and Software (, but I couldn't discover much about the Canute's operation. Is it acceptable to ask how the Canute works? I see that the firmware is open source, and if the mechanical design is not available, is there some task my team could work on to help out on the software side? We're most familiar with the C++/Qt workflow, and writing AT software is another aspect of the course to consider. We haven't yet gotten the Canute emulator on github working, but it looks like the device is meant to be used as a portable reader and not a display output for a computer. Is this the case, and if so would work to make it serve both purposes be welcome?

Thank you for your time,
Christopher Bero

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