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The Democratisation of Braille, by Kevin Carey

Ed Rogers

I would like to draw attention to an excellent article from last year by Kevin Carey, the Chairman of RNIB & of Daisy Consortium's Transforming Braille initiative. It follows on from a speech he gave in the Braille21 conference in Leipzig which I had the good fortune be present for.

Here are a few choice quotes;

"Put bluntly, Braille--and particularly hardcopy contracted Braille--will be perceived to be the province of a dying elite...

Braille is on the verge of a global catastrophe ...
"My broad, conceptual proposal for saving Braille is to democratize it, to take Braille out of the hands of professionals & put it into the hands of the people ...
"Slash the cost of refreshable Braille display technology.

If you haven't already, I highly recommend reading it.


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