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Raspberry Pi Accessibility by Mike Ray

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Mike Ray & the rest of the Raspberry VI team have been working for the last year on making the Raspberry Pi --- the ultra cheap, ultra small barebones PC --- properly accessible. Its been no small task & there's still a lot of hard graft to be done.

Mike finishes with;

"There are several motivations for writing this document:

Firstly because in the past year the membership of our email list has been steadily growing and some of the members who have joined more recently may not be familiar with the efforts which have been made already, because they were not on the list to see my earlier bleats and the occasional victory. The list is often quiet and it might appear nothing is happening.
"Also in the hope that somebody with a greater knowledge of Linux and in particular embedded Linux might read this and offer us some help. I promise not to suck your brain out through your ears.
"And finally because I think the Raspberry Pi Foundation, while I have every admiration for what they have created, have so far paid scant attention to accessibility as an issue. Maybe if they read this they might think about at least testing text-to-speech next time a change is made to sound drivers or firmware. However I understand that no platform, whether it be the Raspberry Pi or the latest desktop machine from another planet is ever tested with, or guaranteed to work with every piece of free software out there.

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