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Is Braille Still Relevant in a High-tech World?

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An excellent video by Perkins from 2012;

Some quotes from students in the video;

It is especially important for people to learn maths and science in Braille due to the spacial concepts

[With speach synthesis] once I'm done listening to the first part of the equation, I can't just keep it in my head once I'm at the second part of the equations. So, with Braille you can just quickly flip back to it. With auditory input it can go in one ear and out the other.

I need to see the format on paper. I need to see how things are set up.

If you're planning on being a professional adult you better learn how to read and write

Braille allows me to be on an equal playing field with sighted students in a classroom.

The only way to be literate as a blind person is to know Braille

I use and depend on Braille for all, or most, things that I do in school. Braille is really the key to my success.

And two more from a professional in the same video;

Mathematics in a must in Braille, as are foreign languages.

Tables and charts and numbers, for me, need to be in Braille.

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