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Ann P.

I've been using Braille for most of my life. I was born blind. I learned Braille in First Grade. Today, I use Braille for record keeping, calendar, notes on students, any time I have a detailed set of instructions to follow, any time I want to read math or French or anything technical. I may spend hours reading audio books, but when push comes to shove, I want info under my fingers.

I had the opportunity this year to teach four people who have recently lost their sight to read Braille! It is fascinating and humbling. As they have progressed through the text book we're using, they go from sounding out letters one at a time, to reading entire words. It is truly an amazing thing to watch these individuals who thought they'd never read again, reading, truly reading, not listening, not hearing a synthetic voice or a human voice interpreting information, but actually doing the interpretation themselves. As I say, it is truly humbling to be an instrument of such power. These students are amazing! If there could be a Braille display which would serve their needs, it would be a miracle.


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