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Divorce in Florida

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Hello. I'm new to this forum. However, I'm stunned and seek advice. I was married to a beautiful woman, but most recently she died. I can't handle it, but my relatives tell me that I still have to file for divorce. They also advised me to save money and file for divorce through I think it would be better to really go to the service than to hire a lawyer. What's the point? Sorry, I said too much. I'm still amazed...

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Mike, I really sympathize with you. In life, it happens that loved ones leave us. Accept my condolences...
As for your question, yes, using such services is much easier and cheaper to file for divorce than through a lawyer. Lawyer services are usually very expensive. My husband and I divorced through a similar service, only in another state - Everything went quickly and without problems. The finished documents were sent to us by e-mail, and then we went with them to court.

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