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Where do we go from here? Development and direction of the Braillists group

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The Braillists group has been gently evolving over the last few months since we set it up.

It is still very much in its infancy but its character is strong and we are already getting a sense of its direction.

We are seeing that there is a great call for an amassed voice to influence the development of new Braille and tactile technology.

We are excited by the enthusiasm of the community we have met and want to provide a venue for open discussion and the incubation of refreshing ideas.

We recognise that there is an immense opportunity to share resources and ideas amongst the community.

We want to provide the conduit to make change happen.

We think that there is need for local connection as well as global collaboration.

We are starting to envision a central on-line information exchange supported by local group meetings hosting discussions and presentations.

How do you see the Braillists group transforming? What would you like it to achieve and how can that be implemented?

We feel the group is best lead by its members so please do let us know your thoughts.

If you have specific meeting topics, presenters or projects in mind, please add those to the Put it forward: Presentations, projects and ideas for future meetings post.

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