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I bought for myself professional camera to start making some instructional videos for our customers. The second purpose is to advance our blog . I expect to find some software which`s gonna help me to upload videos and edit it comprehensively. In terms of editing software, are any of the free ones any good? Do people have any recommendations for video editing software?

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append delete #1. Bryce

For the editing, I use pretty good service It cheap enough and has a great range of features. If you insist on using free editing software, iMovie is probably your best option. Use it on your MacOs or download desktop version for another operating system.

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That's cool!
Internet users like quality content! I wish you the development and your blog popularity!

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That's a great idea! Do you know that video blogging is the most popular trend? You can create an Instagram account and take video reviews of different products. This will be useful for users. But you can also attract advertisers. This will bring you a good income! To make as many users as possible, use Take-Top's Free Instagram Promotion from Take-Top So you'll have followers, customers and advertisers

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Video editors are mostly used by photographers to edit pictures, but now it's become easy to use, these editing apps for a non professional person because of their amazing features. I have which helps you to improve your writing skills.


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