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RE[2]: Flying to Singapore?


Probably almost every tourist dreams at least once about visiting the unusual city-state of Singapore. In general, Singapore is a vivid example of how competent management of smart people can turn a piece of unremarkable land into one of the most prosperous countries in the world. I am still impressed even though I was there in October 2018. The dream to visit this fabulous place originated almost 4 years ago. And here I am on board a regular flight of a Singapore Airlines plane that is landing. Before us is one of the largest airports in the world - Changi Airport. The scale of what he saw is simply impressive. The airport has three terminal hotel with an outdoor pool, very beautiful aquarium gardens with beautiful fish and much more. First, I went to Chinatown. The first impressions of the city were surprisingly positive. The city seemed filled with air. There is no crazy building. There are no colossal skyscrapers standing 10 centimeters apart and covering the sky; there are no traffic jams; there are no crowds of people. Everything is different. Small English-style houses with clock shutters with fancy balconies and carved arches. Immediately you feel incredible comfort and harmony. Everywhere there are pedestrian crossings cars do not develop crazy speeds; no one is in a hurry. Life goes on calmly and measuredly in its normal course. It is a pleasure to walk along the streets at a slow pace, stare at the architecture of the river bridges embankment expensive restaurants and cheap eateries. As for buying a cheap ticket this is not a problem for me. I wanted more money for numerous excursions to the sights of Singapore.

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