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Flying to Singapore?


They say that Singapore - in our time is very beautiful and that if you fly there, it makes sense to see such sights:
1. To begin with, it is recommended to participate in a night Safari in a very large zoo. It certainly will not forget. So many impressions.
2. They have a very magnificent Botanical garden and zoo, which has animals from around the world.
3. The bird Park is a very cool sight. More than 8 thousand birds. It's amazing how different they are.
4. Reserve Bukit Timah in any case is recommended to look. And visit the high mountain of what they have.
5. A recommended stay at the hotel "Raffles". There were Hitchcock, Chaplin, Kipling.
And it would be nice to buy Cheap flights from London to Singapore that would be great to spend your vacation. With family or friends. Pleasant journey.


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